You have a puppy named Apollo you’re my favorite person you are perfect.

Look at my tagged posts for “puppy”. When he was younger/if we cut his hair really short, the little white stripe on his forehead looked like an arrow. I wanted to name him Appa but we weren’t sure if we could keep him because of my mom and sister’s allergies, so we decided on Apollo. But it works because I’m an archery instructor. 

We kept some of the Appa though, because he has a trick where we toss him a treat and he catches it in his mouth; the warning for it is “Yip yip!”


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In your opinion, what is the sexiest occupation?
Umm… Neurological research/Neurologists… Neuro-anything. Things that require multiple degrees. Knowledge is sexy, motherfuckers.

What kind of grades do/did you get in school?
I’ve always gotten As and Bs. Anything below an 85 really and I feel like I’m failing. I know that’s not normal, but yeah.

Which member of your family are you most like and why
My grandmother or my mother. My grandmother has my southern side, but my mother and I have the intelligence (I’m so fucking modest) thing going on.

What is your favorite color to wear
Red, the blood of angry men.

What is your favorite clothing item to take off of someone else
Um… I don’t really have much practice taking things off of people. Vests, maybe. Because that means they’ve been wearing one, preferably a 3-piece suit

What’s something trivial that you are really really good at
I’m a beast at making up drinks. Is that trivial? People seem to like it. Oh! I can also drink things really fast! Because my grandparents used to take water away from me before we realized that DI was a real thing and that I wasn’t retaining water, so I learned to drink fast or drink nothing. If I have a drink in my hand now, it’s rarely there for more than 10 seconds (and that’s a long time)

Favorite poem
The Crayon Box That Talked

Describe one obscure childhood memory
Funny thing, I don’t have any memories before age 7 because I didn’t make any stress hormones. 

If you could belong to any fictional universe, which would you pick
Woah shit. Harry Potter, so long as I were a witch. 

What is your one desert island episode of a TV series
The Chrismukkah-huh? from The O.C.

If you were a role in an opera or musical, what would your voice type be?


1. What was your favorite book as a child?
2. What is your favorite movie?
3. Would you rather live in a big city or a small town?
4. What is your guilty pleasure TV show?
5. Favorite sport to watch?
6. Llamas or Alpacas?
7. What fictional character death is your favorite?
8. What fictional character death is your least favorite?
9. Favorite Batman villain?
10. Did you sleep with a stuffed animal when you were younger?
11. Coffee or Tea?